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Any% route begins at the start of the game, and it ends when the mask shatters at the end of the game.




  1. Go to Autumn Hills portal.
  2. Obtain Key of Hope (Autumn Hills Music Note).
  3. Buy HP upgrade.
  4. Return to closest shop, return to Tower of Time HQ.
  5. Go to Howling Grotto portal.
  6. Take underwater maze.
    1. Upper-Right
    2. Down
    3. Down
    4. Lower-Right
    5. Left Side Down
    6. Right
    7. Down
    8. Down
  7. Sunken Shrine.
  8. Obtain Lightfoot Tabi.
  9. Obtain Moon Crest and Sun Crest.
  10. Obtain Key of Love (Sunken Shrine Music Note).
  11. Backtrack out of Sunken Shrine and back to Howling Grotto.
  12. Head west to go to Bamboo Creek.
  13. Rescue Claustro the Phobekin. (Look left and slash then jump for the block skip.)
  14. Backtrack west through Bamboo Creek.
  15. Obtain Ruxxtin's Amulet.
  16. Dark Cave.
  17. Rivière Turquoise. Defeat Butterfly Matriarch and obtain Magic Firefly.
  18. Return to shop, return to Tower of Time HQ.
  19. Go to Howling Grotto portal.
  20. Head into north section of Howling Grotto, take pathway to Quillshroom Marsh.
  21. Take Quillshroom Marsh's lower pathway to Searing Crags.
  22. Go to Colos & Suses in 16-bit, grab the Power Thistle.
  23. Go right, go down to the time-shift portal. Turn into 8-bit.
  24. Return to Colos & Suses in 8-bit. Talk to them to get kicked to the pathway towards the Key of Strength (Searing Crags Music Note).
  25. Backtrack down and west through Searing Crags to reach Quillshroom Marsh. Enter Queen of Quills room to heal her so she becomes Monk.
  26. Head left one screen, enter shop, return to Tower of Time HQ.
  27. Go to Searing Crags portal.
  28. Head right, go to Underworld.
  29. Obtain Key of Chaos (Underworld Music Note).
  30. Return to Tower of Time HQ.
  31. Go to Searing Crags portal.
  32. Head north to Glacial Peak.
  33. Be 8-bit, talk to Monk so she frees the lanterns from ice.
  34. Return in 16-bit, free Manfred.
  35. Elemental Skylands. Defeat Clockwork Concierge and obtain Key of Symbiosis (Elemental Skylands Music Note).
  36. Return to closest shop.
  37. Buy damage reduction and checkpoint upgrades.
  38. Return to Tower of Time HQ.
  39. Go to Glacial Peak portal.
  40. Talk to Ruxxtin's Staff at the top of the mountain. Get teleported to Cloud Ruins.
  41. Rescue Acro the Phobekin, then fall off and die to death-warp to your last shop.
  42. Return to Tower of Time HQ.
  43. Go to Autumn Hills portal.
  44. Head east to Forlorn Temple.
  45. Defeat Demon King and obtain Demon Crown.
  46. Head east into Bamboo Creek, reach closest shop.
  47. Return to Tower of Time HQ, head east into The Artificer's room, place crown into device.
  48. Corrupted Future.
  49. Music Box. Defeat Phantom.