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  • Obtain 40 Time Shards before reaching the first shop.
  • Enter the first shop, where you'll automatically obtain Climbing Claws. Buy "Strike of the Ninja."
  • Obtain 130 Time Shards before reaching the last shop.
  • Enter the last shop, buy "Energy shuriken" and "Second wind."
  • Defeat Leaf Monster.


Spike Pit[]

Need at least 4 HP to attempt this.

With the wide spike pit with a swinging platform, jump into the pit of spikes. You'll either bounce forward or backward in contact with the spikes. If you can time your jump at the very edge of the platform, it is possible to fall consistently to the right. Some runners like to "think right thoughts" before making the jump to make sure they fall to the right :)

  • If you bounce to the right, continue moving forward and leave the pit. Attack the Green Kappa once and cloudstep over it.
  • If you bounce to the left, it will be much harder to continue to the right. If this happens, take the swinging platform for safety. If your initial jump was far enough, it is possible to make it to the Green Kappa, but the timing is very tight.

Underwater Saw[]

In the underwater section, you'll encounter a room with 3 underwater saws. If you're not at full health, collect the health jar halfway through this section. If running through the area quickly and properly, the final underwater saw will be blocking the exit. Depending on your playstyle preference, you can either damage boost through that saw, or go down around the saw to save your health.

Spike Tower[]

Extremely risky and difficult, but offers a small time save.

Run up near the spike tower and wait for a Blue Kappa to shoot a spikeball. Jump, strike the spikeball, and use Cloudstep to vault over the spike tower. There are variations to this skip.


AH Spike Tower Comparisons

Two Hunters and Blue Kappa Room[]

Jump and quickly strike a Hunter with your sword. You'll have Cloudstep as you are still moving upward. Jump, cling to the left wall, jump onto the swinging platform, then continue out of the room.


  • Try to jump over Green Kappa whenever possible. They have 3 HP and attacking enemies that don't die will slow down your horizontal movement.