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  • Obtain 251 Time Shards by the time you finish Bamboo Creek's large waterfall room. This is needed to make sure you obtain 275 Time Shards before you reach Howling Grotto's first shop.


First Gate Room[]

Throw a shuriken at the gate switch as you fall to activate the switch for the first gate.

Second Gate Room[]

Immediately upon standing on the ground; turn to the right, crouch and throw 2 shuriken to hit the second gate switch, proceed quickly to the left and around the room to move on to the next room.

First Bamboo Pulley Lantern Room[]

Jump while attacking the Blue Kappa. You'll have Cloudstep at the ready while still moving upward. Jump to reach the upper-right platform.

Sawblade Room[]

Run to the very edge of the platform and jump on top of the tree. If you jump before the very edge of the platform, you will probably miss the jump and fall to the spikes. It is good to practice landing on the swinging platform to avoid falling into the spikes. It is also slightly faster to damage boost through the spikes, but it is much riskier to take the damage.

Entu Skip[]

In the first room with elevators, stand to the right of the first Green Kappa. At the right moment, jump and slash the Green Kappa. You'll have Cloudstep at the ready while still moving upward. Jump, and slash an upper Blue Kappa's spikeball for another Cloudstep. Jump, and do a 1-tile jump against the bamboo platform. Continue up to hit the save point and exit the room.


Entu Skip

Four Lantern Room/Second Elevator Room[]

This room is near the end of Bamboo Creek. Double cloudstep off the first lantern, slash/cloudstep off of the two middle lanterns, and then slash/cloudstep off the fourth lantern to get to the room exit.


  • Move inside of a water current of the same direction for a speed boost. Jump through a water current of the opposite direction to avoid losing speed.


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The official Bamboo Creek lyrics by Rainbowdragoneyes. The first stanza was dropped off by Sclout, but some time later, Rainbowdragoneyes came by to drop off the second stanza.

I like Chinese food
Chinese food is good for you
I like to eat Chinese food
And Chinese food is yummy too

If you like me too
You will bring me Chinese food
Because it is so yummy
Did I mention I like Chinese food