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  • Don't need to buy anything.
  • Defeat Ruxxtin.


First Room[]

The level starts with a cutscene. Hold right as you fall to be a bit more to the right than usual.

Underwater Saw Bypass[]

In the room with 2 underwater saws, move to the right and fit through the gap between the 2 saws.


Catacombs Water Saw Bypass

Moving Platforms Room[]

Walk the same direction as the moving platforms for a speed boost.

Underwater Spikes[]

Damage-boost through the second set of underwater ceiling spikes. If you do so, you'll have to go out of your way to pick up health from a lantern in order to damage-boost through spike room later.

Three Wizrobe Room (2nd Ruxxtin Cutscene)[]

Throw 1 shuriken immediately to hit the wizard on the left, kill the closest wizard, then go finish off the 1st wizard. There is some RNG to where the 3rd wizrobe will spawn, so just be prepared for it to appear almost anywhere on the screen. Using your two remaining shuriken can be very helpful to quickly kill the final wizrobe.

There is an advanced strat for this room that the community has named the "Badonkadonk Skip" which allows you to bypass the Ruxxtin cutscene. By using the Green Kappa in the previous room, you can gain a cloudstep as you fall into the room. With good timing you can jump up and slash the top right lantern in the room, allowing you to gain an additional cloudstep and bypass the cutscene trigger. This skip takes a lot of practice and is not guaranteed; luckily you only lose a couple of seconds if the skip is failed.


Badonkadonk Skip

Spike Room[]

In the spike room with a swinging platform and Fire Kappa, damage-boost through the spikes instead of waiting for the swinging platform. Make sure you have at least 4 health before jumping into the spikes.

Big Crusher Skip[]

Near the end of the Catacombs, there is a vertical room with a pit in the center, a swinging spike ball, and a large crusher at the very top of the room. It is possible to one-cycle the room, but it requires good movement to do successfully. Any delays in movement throughout the room will cause you to get crushed by the crusher. Most runners will use the lantern at the bottom of the room to cloudstep and grab the left wall under the Fire Kappa. Immediately after the swinging spike ball moves out of the way, use either the Fire Kappa or a fireball to cloudstep up to the next platform and continue on to bypass the Big Crusher.