Default Controls Edit

PS Controller Xbox Controller Keyboard Mouse Action
Up Up Up Arrow Up
Down Down Down Arrow Down
Left Left Left Arrow Left
Right Right Right Arrow Right
R2 RT X Lightfoot Tabi
Share Back I Inventory
X A Space Jump/Confirm
Circle B Alt M2 Rope Dart/Back
Square X Ctrl M1 Attack
Triangle Y Shift Shuriken
L1 LB M Map
Options Start Enter Pause
Nintendo Switch Controller Action
Up Up
Down Down
Left Left
Right Right
ZR Lightfoot Tabi
B Jump/Back
A Rope Dart/Confirm
Y Attack
X Shuriken
L Map
+ Pause

Notes Edit

  • Hold the Jump and the Lightfoot Tabi buttons to speed through text.
  • Holding the Attack button makes you scroll through the map really fast.
  • Mouse M2 is currently glitched and needs to be rebound before it starts actually functioning as a "back" action.
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