Routing Edit

  • Double-check you have 275 Time Shards before entering the first shop.
  • Enter the first shop, where you'll automatically obtain the Wingsuit. Buy "Currents master" and "Aerobatics warrior."
  • Defeat Emerald Golem.

Tricks Edit

Spike Drop Room Edit

Drop through the tall corridor of spikes without using Wingsuit. (You may deploy the Wingsuit a little bit or a few times for safety purposes, but it's slightly slower.)

Sawblade Room Edit

Throw 2 shurikens then kill the Green Kappa with your sword. This is to prevent slowdown. If you have at least 4 HP, damage-boost through the first sawblade.

Water Room Edit

Water-boost through the water.

Breakable Block Room Edit

Don't forget to take the shortcut by breaking the breakable block.

Underwater Maze Edit

In any% and 100%, Sunken Shrine is accessed by navigating through Howling Grotto's underwater maze. The path is the same every time, and you are able to traverse it without the Magic Seashell.

The following is the route:

  1. Upper-Right
  2. Down
  3. Down
  4. Lower-Right
  5. Left Side Down
  6. Right
  7. Down
  8. Down
Howling Grotto Maze Map
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