Routing Edit

  • You will need 275 Time Shards by the time you reach the first shop in Howling Grotto.
  • At the first shop, where you'll automatically obtain the Wingsuit. Buy "Currents master" and "Aerobatics warrior."
  • Defeat Emerald Golem.

Tricks Edit

Spike Drop Room Edit

In the room with 3 Fire Kappas near the top, the lower section has a wind tunnel on the left and a spike tunnel on the right. Drop through the spike tunnel as much as possible without using the Wingsuit. Quick Glide when necessary to avoid the spikes as you navigate the spikes.

DK Skip Room Edit

This room is named because it resembles the first level in the original Donkey Kong game. Try to move as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid losing any time throughout the room. For the first Green Kappa, throw two shuriken and kill it with your sword to avoid slowing down. If you have at least 4 HP, damage-boost through the first sawblade and try to Air Recovery forward through the sawblade. If you are moving fast enough, you can squeeze by the second saw blade to save a little bit of time.

Water Yeet Room Edit

Navigate through the spikes on the left side of the room and quickly fall into the water at the bottom. Do a quick Water Yeet to the right to quickly exit the room. It is possible to slash the right lantern during the Water Yeet to gain a cloudstep. If timed properly, this cloudstep can be carried into the next room, allowing you to quickly fly through the room for an extra time save.

Breakable Block Room Edit

In the large vertical room with a wind tunnel at the beginning, there is a breakable block about half way up the wind tunnel that lets you skip the majority of the room.

Underwater Maze Edit

In any% and 100%, Sunken Shrine is accessed by navigating through Howling Grotto's underwater maze. The path is the same every time, and you are able to traverse it without the Magic Seashell.

The following is the route:

  1. Upper-Right
  2. Down
  3. Down
  4. Lower-Right
  5. Left Side Down
  6. Right
  7. Down
  8. Down
Howling Grotto Maze Map
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