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Ninja Village is the opening area of the game that acts as a tutorial. Remember to hold the Jump + Lightfoot Tabi buttons to speed through the text. The player's input movements during certain cutscenes will actually move Ninja a tiny bit, even though it's a cutscene. 

During the cutscene where the Bowman kills the 2 Fire Kappa, the enemies have a small chance of dropping 1 Time Shard each. That means the player will start off with 0-2 Time Shards, which are useful for reaching the 40 Time Shard threshold for the "Strike of the Ninja" upgrade in the first shop of Autumn Hills. 


First Cutscene[]

Hold right during the opening cutscene where Ninja drops down from the treehouse.

Dojo Cutscene[]

Hold down during the dojo cutscene where fireballs knock out the other ninjas. This cancel Ninja's leftward movement. Get ready to hold right once the cutscene ends.