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First Gate Room[]

Drop down and stand next to the gate. Wait for the Jumping Quillshroom to jump, then throw a single shuriken to the right to activate the gate switch.

Bird Skip[]

In the long horizontal room, avoid killing the 2nd Bird near the save point. Let it follow you for a short time and then use it to cloudstep up to reach the upper level of zig-zag platform area.

Double Gate Room[]

In the horizontal room with gates at the beginning and end, there is a Kappa standing in front of a gate switch near the top of the screen. By using the lanterns in the previous room, you can gain extra height with a Cloudstep. As soon as you enter the room after Cloudstepping off of the lantern, throw two shuriken to kill the Kappa and hit the switch. This will open the gate without having to jump up and slash the switch.

Horizontal Spike Platform Room[]

Near the end of the level, there is a vertical room with two horizontal spike platforms with quicksand at the bottom. Move as quickly as possible through the room to reach the right side of the room. By quickly grabbing the wall then Cloudstepping off of the lantern, you can jump around the spike platform to save a little bit of time.


Full Route